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Are You Considering Fostering A Dog Or Cat? Here’s Everything You Need To Know.

Are You Considering Fostering A Dog Or Cat? Here’s Everything You Need To Know.

Fostering a dog, or cat - or any pet really - is one of the most rewarding things an animal lover can do. 

Fostering is so critical in Last Chance Animal Rescue's ability to save lives.  Please consider opening your home and heart to a pet in need. 

Bringing a pet into your home will help save their life and it will enrich yours more than you can imagine. Foster pets are in need of love, care, and companionship just as much as you are, and they are able to give it to the right person. 

For more information simply visit for more information.  

Mister Ben's hopes to support LCARF in every way possible.  As such, we are committed to  donating $1 for every product ordered in our store. Pets are special parts of our lives and they need to be given the right place to live, love, and be loved. 

Take a chance and you might find yourself moving from foster parent to actual parent very quick :)

Why Is It Important To Foster A Pet?

Fostering is the best way to ease a dog or cat out of the traumatic experience of being neglected, abandoned or in a shelter before placing him or her in a permanent home.

Many dogs and cats need time to unwind after these experiences. Being with a foster family gives them the time they need to heal. Both medically (if needed) and emotionally.

Fostering also gives animals who may never have been socialized a chance to learn how to interact with people. And, potentially, other animals.


Fostering Lets You Get to Know the “Real” Dog or Cat

As foster animals unwind and relax into their new, more comfortable, and loving home, their true personalities emerge. A previously fearful dog may actually have the heart of a playful puppy. The cat too terrified to come out from under the couch may love curling up in someone’s lap.

But without the extra time, those qualities might have remained hidden. The more you know about each individual animal, the easier it is to place them in the right home.

Foster Homes Are Healthy Homes

Being in a foster home is also a healthier environment than a shelter. Dog fosterers will generally treat their foster pup as if he were their own. That means regular walks and daily playtime, something most shelter dogs never get.

Dogs and cats in foster homes are exposed to fewer animals, reducing their chances of getting sick from contagious diseases.


Fostering Saves More Lives

One of the best things about fostering is that you’re saving more than the life of the dog or cat you’ve taken in. Every animal that goes into a foster home from a shelter (or instead of a shelter) gives that shelter more room to take in other dogs or cats. Reducing overcrowding in a shelter can also give the animals already there more time to be adopted.

Fostering Can Lead to Adoption

So-called foster “fails” are not uncommon. It can be hard to give up foster pets after spending time getting to know and love them. For people who have never had a pet, fostering is a great way to see if they’re ready for the full-time commitment of being a pet owner.

Fostering Requirements

The main requirement for anyone interested in fostering a dog or a cat is the commitment to give it their all. You don’t need loads of free time or advanced training skills. But you do have to put in the time.

If you’re fostering a dog, you’ll need time to go for walks and play. You’ll need less time with a cat. But the entire point of fostering is to teach the animal people are ok to be around. And that living in a home is a safe and happy thing. That might mean sitting quietly in the same room as a cat so she gets used to your presence. Or playing with a wand toy to coax her out of her shell.

To ensure your foster experience is enjoyable and successful, know your limits ahead of time. Do you have time to shuttle a dog or cat to and from a vet? If not, let the organization you want to work with know that you can’t take an animal with serious medical needs.

Do you want to avoid house training? Let them know you need an older dog that already knows how to do his business.

Additionally, let the foster organization know how much time you can commit to. Are you going away on vacation in two weeks? That’s usually the least amount of time a foster pet needs. 

Often, it’s longer, so make sure your calendar is free and agree on a time period beforehand.


How Much Does Fostering Cost?

Fostering isn’t entirely free. While you pay nothing to foster a dog or a cat, and the foster organization will pay for all veterinary costs, there are daily expenses that aren’t always covered. Food, for instance, may or may not be provided by the foster organization.

For dogs, you may need to buy your own leash and dog poo bags. Cat fosterers will likely need to buy their own litter box and litter. For both, you’ll need to provide plenty of toys.

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