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About Us

Mister Ben’s years growing up were first spent in the countryside and shores of Connecticut, and then the pristine natural environment of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. His love for nature and animals was reinforced every step of the way.

As early as high school, Mister Ben began using his skills for experimentation as he competed in the medical field at the International Science and Engineering Fair. He worked for years on his research while consulting with renowned scientists on the cutting edge of his topic.

After competing and succeeding on the international stage, winning one of the top prizes for student scientists in the world, he studied at Yale University and subsequently worked for Yale University Health Services.

Because he had dogs with allergies and constant ear infections, which caused pain and itching, Mister Ben’s dedication for their care and comfort was the spark that gave birth to Mister Ben’s Amazing Products.

The available treatments and common preventatives didn’t seem to work or be safe choices for his dogs. His concern for effective treatment and preventives inspired him to work to use his experience in research, experimentation, and business to find a solution. His goal was to produce an effective product at a value to those who used it for their pets.

Mister Ben started developing an amazingly effective Ear Tonic for Dogs, made up of only the best ingredients: isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol, betadine or povidone-iodine, vinegar, aloe vera, and boric acid.

After spending fifteen years fine-tuning the tonic, Mister Ben’s now offers the Tonic along with a wide variety of other exceptional products and solutions with you and your pet in mind.