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Together, We Are Rescue

For every product sold, Mister Ben’s makes a donation to Last Chance Animal Rescue, helping both adoptable and unadoptable pets live their best lives.

How We Support Last Chance Animal Rescue
  • We make a donation for every product sold.
  • We serve on the board to actively help manage the successful adoption and housing of pets.
  • We contribute time and money to their adoption events and transportation and sponsor their fundraising activities.

About Last Chance Animal Rescue

Run by hardworking volunteers with a heart for suffering animals, Last Chance Animal Rescue saves animals from being put down inhumanely or unnecessarily and relocates them to foster homes and “NO KILL” facilities on their way to finding “furever” homes. Since their beginning in 2008, Last Chance Animal Rescue and their partner organizations have helped rescue, relocate, and rehome over 25,000 animals.

Last Chance doesn’t just help animals on their way to adoption. They also rescue dogs and cats that are deemed unadoptable due to behavioral or health concerns. These animals are cared for and respected in a happy, comfortable environment as they live out their days like kings and queens.

You Can Be A Part Of This! Last Chance runs on volunteers and donations, and they can’t make a difference without loving families who are willing to adopt or foster these precious dogs and cats! Every little bit helps. If you are able, consider donating time, money, or a place in your heart.