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Can I use the Ear Wash on my cat?

Mister Ben's Ear wash can not be used on cats. We do have a product which is called Mister Ben's Original Ear Elixir. This can be used for both cats and dogs.

Mister Ben

Can the Mister Ben's Ear Wash and tonic be using on pregnant or nursing dogs?

The Ear Wash and Tonic can not be used on pregnant or nursing dogs.

Mister Ben

Can Mister Ben's Ear Wash and Tonic be used on puppies?

Mister Ben's Ear Wash and Tonic can not be used for dogs under 6 months old.

Mister Ben

Are the ingredients organic for the PRO/DHX Powder?

PRO/DHX is 100% Organic. All of the strains of bacteria contained are grown with 100% organic ingredients and without any animal products or by-products! The additional freeze dried chicken is from 100% organic fed chicken.

Mister Ben

How often do I use the Ear Wash and Tonic?

For best results, use wash and tonic for two weeks every day, then three times a week for another week and then twice a month to maintain healthy ears.

Mister Ben

Would Benjies work as a training treat?

Yes, they are preferred by trainers because they offer a great reward and are very low in fat with great nutritional benefits.

Mister Ben

What is the difference between the Ear Tonic and Elixir?

The ear tonic is just for use with dogs and the elixir can be used for both cats and dogs. The elixir is alcohol free and created for dogs with more sensitive ears. Both products are excellent in the aid helping chronic ear infections.

Mister Ben

How do I download the Ebooks ?

There is a pamphlet that has directions included in your order, directions are on the bottle, or you can visit our Library page and fill out the form for the ebook you'd like.

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Is there an expiration date for the ear wash or tonic?

Mister Ben’s has over a 2 year shelf life and all out products on Amazon have been in stock less than 2 months. There are best used by stickers on all our products.

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