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Frequently Asked Questions

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Tonic, Wash
How do I download the e/book ?
What do I use first the wash or the tonic?
Does this take care of Ear mites?
Can Mister Ben's Ear Wash and Tonic be used on puppies?
Can the Mister Ben's Ear Wash and tonic be using on pregnant or nursing dogs.
How often do I use the ear wash and tonic?
The wash and tonic show the same ingredients so is the tonic just more concentrated?
How do I use the tonic and wash together as a regimen? Wash first then finish with tonic? Or the other way around?
Does the Ear Wash stain?
How do I use? I can't find directions.
Is this product cruelty free?
My 11 month old puppy has super clean ears however they smell like dirty smelly socks, does this product help eliminate the horrible smell?
Will this help keep my dog's ears cleaner longer?
Mister Bens- what the current list of ingredients?
Can I use these on my dogs paws and body after a walk?
Original Ear Cleaner for Dogs Care Kit + Wipes
My dog has scabs on the outside of his ear from scratching, will this be safe to use?
Ear Kit
What's the best bet - cleaner or treatment - if my dog just scratches in one ear. I don't know the cause.
Mister Ben’s Original Kennel Cough Treatment for Dogs & Cats -
Are they drops? I ask because one review mentioned a spray
Mister Ben’s Original Kennel Cough Treatment for Dogs & Cats - Arrest/MAXX Natural Herbal Cat & Dog Cough Medicine Syrup
Do dogs like the flavor?
What is the difference between the Ear Tonic and Elixir?
Where can I find a list of the ingredients for the Mister Ben's Ear Elixir?
Ear Cleaner Wipes
Is this okay for cats?
Are these safe to use on my own ears?
Pure Beef Benjies
Would Benjies work as a training treat?
What is the nutritional values? Fat ?
Are these treats made in the USA?
Are these made in the USA?
Tonic, Wash, Elixir
Do I put the liquid into the ear canal?