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Yeast Infection in Dog Ears: Here’s How You Can Treat It And Make Your Pup’s Day!

Yeast Infection in Dog Ears: Here’s How You Can Treat It And Make Your Pup’s Day!

Are yeast infections causing your dog issues in their ear?  Use a combined approach to help get rid of it: Mister Ben's Ear Care Kit and feed your dog Yogurt!

Yes, you can use antifungal medication in your dog’s ear canal for a yeast infection. That, however, can cost a lot of money and a lot of time. So if your dog is exhibiting symptoms of yeast infections, and their immune system seems to be lower than normal, we have another recommendation - use our ear care kit  to help with the yeast dermatitis and give your dog YOGURT! 

Yogurt has been highly recommended in the treatment of yeast infections in dogs. 

Of course, ear cleaning can help prevent yeast infections in dogs with floppy ears, but once you start seeing the symptoms, it’s already too late. 

If your dog has a yeast infection, yogurt is one of the best home remedies you can use! 

Yogurt is known to treat most of the yeast infection symptoms like skin rashes and allergies. Instead of using topical treatment, yogurt for dogs ears has also been recommended for fast relief from itching.


You need to use only plain, unflavored plain no-sugar added yogur for your dog

Varieties of unflavored plain no-sugar added yogurt are available in the stores. Check the label to be sure that the yogurt contains active L. acidophilus. 

Your dog may like the flavored yogurt, but it contains high sugar content – and that is much more sugar than your dog should consume. Too much sugar can cause bacterial imbalance as bacteria thrives on sugar. Yogurt which contains artificial sweeteners has to be avoided as the dog might be allergic to sugar substitutes.


How much yogurt is required when you are looking to treat a yeast infection in your dog?

You know that yogurt is beneficial for your dogs. You also need to know how much yogurt should your dog consume. 

Yogurt contains calcium which is good for the bones of your dog, but overfeeding your dog with calcium supplements is known to cause bone abnormalities in dogs. 

The quantity of yogurt should be 1 tsp to 1 tbsp daily depending on the size of your dog. If you are giving yogurt for the first time, start with small amounts to prevent stomach upset.


How do you give yogurt yogurt to a dog?

Add 1 tsp to 1 tbsp to your dogs food once a day for the first two weeks. After the first two weeks, 1-2 times a week will keep the yeast at bay.

You will be amazed and your pup will thank you! 


Please let us know how things go. We love to hear from you!

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