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Does Your Dog Have Intestinal Issues Or Really Bad Breath? Try Probiotics For Dogs

Does Your Dog Have Intestinal Issues Or Really Bad Breath? Try Probiotics For Dogs


Probiotics for dogs work very similarly in the same way they operate with humans, and yes, it can help with the infamous really bad dog breath too. Here’s why…


The good news about probiotics is that you can purchase them, most of the time, without the need of a prescription. This is beneficial because if your dog is experiencing some digestive tract or intestinal problem, a lack of energy, or a dull coat, you can get in contact with your favorite pet supplier, purchase a probiotic product easily, and get your pup’s immune system back on the right track. 


In fact, the beneficial bacteria in probiotics can even help with certain yeast infections, various rashes,  that your dog will experience throughout their life.  This is not to say that you shouldn’t visit your vet when necessary, but it is helpful to keep your dog's gut health in order with the benefits of probiotics as a preventative measure against ailments and the all important vet bill. 


Getting Your Dog Started On Probiotics And How It Helps Their Overall Health


When you start specific probiotics with your dog, you might see some of the initial symptoms actually of your dog's health issues getting worse before they get better. This is, for the most part, normal. Naturally, though, if the symptoms don’t improve relatively soon, you will certainly need to contact your vet as soon as possible. 


For the sake of this article, however, let’s assume that your dog's symptoms do improve with the addition of probiotics in their diet. Once their tummy has adjusted, you can expect to see major improvements in the realm of constipation, bloating, any diarrhea, and the overpowering flatulence issues from which she seems to suffer. Moreover, your dog will see the benefit in their skin, a more healthy coat, and, yes, that really terrible dog breath. 


Your dog’s breath really can improve with the addition of probiotics into their diet. It is important, however, to keep regular appointments with your vet so that you know your dog doesn’t have more pressing issues afoot. If your dog’s breath really is that bad, bring her in for regular dental cleaning, check for symptoms of gum disease, oral tumors, and also take the time to give her a regular teeth cleaning each week. 


In some instances probiotics can pose a problem for owners because the dog may not acquiesce to taking them - especially if they are in tablet form. As such, the implementation of the probiotics may require a certain amount of trial and error. Consider what foods they like best and mask the probiotics in those foods like peanut butter, cheese, or their most favorite high value treats. 


Like any other supplement for humans, the owner also needs to consider how they use the probiotics, and make sure that they stick to the use as directed. In order to ensure complete safety for your pet, please feed them the correct amount of probiotic, store them according to the directions, and discontinue use after any expiration date. 


For the best results, avoid the tablets altogether and use the #1 trusted brand which was formulated by vets and backed by scientists. 


Amazing PRO/DX Pre+ Probiotics Powder Supplement for Dogs


With 5 billion CFUs per scoop and 12 live powerful strains of living GOOD bacteria, Mister Ben’s Original PRODHX Pre+ Probiotics for Dogs is veterinarian-formulated for the dietary & health needs of your dog. Comprehensive scientific research shows increased efficacy and enhanced outcomes.  No wonder why we are recommended by Top Breeders & Vets as the #1 trusted brand in the USA.


Our extra strength formula is one of the best digestive supplements for all age dogs.   Our formula contains NO RICE, NO MALTODEXTRIN, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Non-Dairy, No Soy and NO BYPRODUCTS.


Our pre+ probiotics formula contains 12 beneficial microorganisms that help regulate and balance your dog’s digestive system.   In doing so, Mister Ben’s PRODHX has the following benefits:


#1 TRUSTED BRAND FORMULATED BY VETS & BACKED BY SCIENCE – Mister Ben’s PRODHX is veterinarian-formulated for the dietary and health needs of your dog. Comprehensive scientific research has shown increased efficacy and enhanced outcomes. No wonder why we are recommended by Top Breeders and Veterinarians as the #1 trusted brand in America.


Unlike others that only contain 1 strain and 1/20th of active ingredients, Mister Ben’s PRODHX is custom-formulated with a whopping 12 strains and over 5 Billion Live Active Cultures in the veterinarian preferred powder form. Each jar contains approximately 120 scoops and is made in the USA. NO RICE, NO MALTODEXTRIN, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Non-Dairy, No Soy, NO BYPRODUCTS.


Our formula is one of the best digestive supplements for bowel function and helps dogs that struggle with gas, diarrhea, bloating, constipation, and stomach discomfort. Ingredients: L. Acidophilus, E. Faecium, L. Rhamnosus, L. Plantarum, L. Bifidum, B. Longum, L. Casei, B. Coagulans, B. Lactis, S. Thermophilus, L. Fermentum (All Probiotics) | Liver granules, all natural chicken, liver and bacon flavors, silicon dioxide (natural anti-caking agent).


This positively impacts not only chronic GI abnormalities, but also improved immunity, obesity, liver disease, and mood and behavior disorders. Daily dosing provides additional benefits for dogs including better skin and ear health and coat appearance, improved breath, a reduction of allergy symptoms and a reduction in yeast-associated disorders.


100% GUARANTEE, FREE EBOOK & DONATION TO DOG RESCUE - Your purchase of this Mister Ben’s comes with a 100% money back guarantee, our free comprehensive eBook on Probiotics for Your Dog’s Health, and for every unit sold, a donation is made to Last Chance Animal Rescue in Southampton, NY.

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