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What Are The Benefits Of Raw Freeze Dried Dog Food For Your Dog?

What Are The Benefits Of Raw Freeze Dried Dog Food For Your Dog?

Raw freeze dried dog food has grown wildly popular among dog owners and for very good reason. Let’s break down all the benefits Mister Ben’s Pure Beef Benjies Dog Treats Can Offer!

Raw freeze dried dog food and treats are now becoming just as popular as the common dog foods you would find in any store. Yet, there are still many questions surrounding this amazing product and we are here to help you out! 


Raw freeze dried dog and treats are starting to gain more traction among dog parents because of the enhanced nutritional value they offer that goes far beyond the more common kibble and treats. Among the freeze dried varieties, you will notice high quality proteins like chicken, beef, salmon or even turkey.  Of course, like for humans, protein is an essential component of building muscle, and facilitating the healthy maintenance for a dog’s body. 


A direct benefit of consuming such high quality protein is the increased ability to build, repair, and maintain key body needs for your dog. On a very base level, your dog will see improvements in their fur, skin, muscles and even the likes of their fragile ligaments, tendons, as well as their cartilage. This is especially important for large breed owners whose canines often suffer from hip dysplasia, or problems with the joints in their legs. 


While it may not necessarily be as important as the health benefits, you can rest assured that your dog will always choose the raw freeze dried food or treats over other options simply because of the high quality taste and build. Even when you open up the bag, your dog will no EXACTLY what’s coming their way because of the irresistible and delicious smell which emanates from the food, as well as the amino acids within. 


What Exactly Is Freeze Dried Dog Food, And Are There Other Benefits For Your Dog?


You already know what freeze drying food entails - but in this case, we are doing it for your dog’s food too! The freeze drying method allows us to preserve the precious raw ingredients, like meat and fish, which give your dog the best taste and health options possible. More importantly, the food is completely safe for your dog’s consumption, it is light for their tummies, and it is totally shelf stable - so you never have to worry about putting food in your refrigerator or freezer. 


In fact, even the most picky eaters usually enjoy freeze dried food or treats because of the exceptional taste. Plus, for those parents who are looking for an alternative to regular kibble, but don’t want to sacrifice on any of the nutritional benefits, our freeze dried treats are the perfect choice to serve as a meal, snack, or added flavor element to the current food. 


How Does Freeze-Drying Dog Food Affect The Overall Nutritional Value For Your Dog? 


Essentially, freeze-drying is a process which removes moisture at very low temperatures. This process includes taking ingredients that are initially frozen and then vacuuming them in a way that converts the water in the food into vapor. 


Taking the fresh food and freeze-drying it preserves more of the nutritional content of the raw ingredients because the raw meat isn’t given the opportunity to lose it in any of our processes. 


Are All Freeze-Dried Dog Foods The Same?


Everybody knows how to freeze-dry food. The process hasn’t really changed over the years.  The difference from one company to another really rests in the types of foods or ingredients that are being freeze dried. As always, our products - especially our Freeze Dried Beef Benjies - are made of the highest quality ingredients we can source. That’s what sets us apart from everyone else. 


Mister Ben’s Freeze Dried Beef Benjies Dog Treats Are A Tasty And Nutritious Addition To Your Dog’s Diet


Your dog will go ballistic of Mister Ben's Pure Beef Benjies because they are made from only 1 ingredient: 100% USDA Pure Raw Beef Livers. They are freeze-dried treats with no chemicals, fillers, grains or gluten.


Plus they are extra healthy treats because they contain essential nutrients such as iron, folic acid, B vitamins and the potent antioxidant A vitamins. These nutrients promote mental and nerve health, prevent anemia and support health digestive processes. You will feel good knowing that you reward your pup with only the best healthy and wholesome treats available.


For every jar sold, Mister Ben's will make a donation to Last Chance Animal Rescue in Southampton, NY.


Mister Ben's offers a 100% Guarantee! If your pup does not go crazy over Beef Benjies, simply contact us to return the remaining portion of the treats for a FULL REFUND.


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