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Vet Bills Aren’t Cheap!: Home Remedies For Your Dog’s Ear Infection When You Can’t Afford Medicine

Vet Bills Aren’t Cheap!: Home Remedies For Your Dog’s Ear Infection When You Can’t Afford Medicine

If your dog is prone to ear infections, you’ll know those vet bills quickly add up. Here are some great home remedy alternatives to dog ear infection medicine.

Your dog is going to get an ear infection. Count on it. It’s a very common problem, and if you’re here, that probably means your little pup is showing some symptoms of an ear infection, or is in real pain, and you need some answers on how to help him quick. 

The good news is that you have three options: 

  1. Take him to the vet (which is the preferable option, and you should do your best to make this choice.)

  2. Start using some home remedies to help with the infection and pain. 

  3. Use our amazing (and less expensive than a vet bill) products to help not only clean your dog's ears, but help prevent future infections

Either way, ear infections can be treated relatively easily and your pup’s symptoms should start to subside a few hours after your treatment. 

Here’s the bad news: if you leave your dog’s ear infection untreated, the problems are only going to compound and then you’ll have no choice but to pay A LOT more in vet bills and your dog could potentially lose their hearing ability. 

Again, our recommendation is to go to a vet if you find that your dog is showing signs of an ear infection. If, however, you find that you cannot afford to take your pup to the vet at the moment,  there are a number of home remedy options, including our family owned products made right here in the USA, which can be effective for treatment. 

Should you choose the home remedy option, you NEED to keep close watch your dog because the situation can turn quickly. If their symptoms continue to worsen, even after these home remedies, please take them to the vet so that you don’t impact the long term quality of their life. 

Home Remedies for Dog Ear Infections

These home remedy items are largely available in most homes. If you don’t already have them, then you can easily run to your local market or drug store to purchase them at any time. While these options are a good alternative, please keep in mind that home remedies usually need to be applied far more often than medication you receive from the vet - so be hyper aware of your dog’s symptoms. 

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

The most commonly used and effective home remedy is a mixture of 1 part water and 1 part apple cider vinegar. 

The vinegar in this concoction contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and it’s also highly acidic.  That high acid content is your best weapon to combat all of the dirt, ear wax, and other junky stuff that can potentially build up in your pup’s ears. Furthermore, the acid also can potentially kill off the yeast and other bacterias which are the main catalysts to the ear infection. 

You can either soak a cotton ball in the mixture, and then wipe your dog’s ear clean, or you can put a small amount of the mixture directly into his ear. Make sure, however, that you gently massage the solution while in the ear, and that you allow your dog to shake out the excess mixture once you are done. 


2. Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is beneficial in many ways for dogs but it can also be very effective for ear infections as well. Like Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil has natural properties which help quell bacteria and fungus build up - so you can use it in infection cases which are caused by yeast or bacteria. 

If you choose to use it, just make sure you melt the oil into its liquid form first. Naturally, you don’t want to pour hot oil into his ear so it’s important to let it cool down enough so that it won’t hurt your dog. Though, the oil needs to remain warm enough so that it does form back into its solid state. 

3. Warm Compress

If you notice your pup shaking their head more often than normal, but they are only showing signs of reddening in their ears, that means the infection is just starting. A warm compress isn’t going to necessarily heal the infection, but a warm compress will give them some relief from the ongoing pain. 

4. Aloe Vera

Yes, you use Aloe Vera for a lot of issues - particularly sunburns. Nothing is better than a nice cold Aloe Vera application to your skin, right?! It also works really well for relief in a dog’s ear infection as well because it is naturally an anti-inflammatory product! If you apply a small amount of natural Aloe Vera into your dog’s ear, the inflammation will go down, and will become a lot less irritated. 

5. Almond Oil, Tea Tree Oil & Vitamin E Oil

These are effective treatments against inflammation and irritants as well, but use them very carefully!  Almond Oil is a great option for inflammation while Vitamin E Oil, and Tea Tree Oil are an effective option to soothe your dog’s pain as well.  Though, you must be VERY CAREFUL if you decide to use Tea Tree Oil because it can actually do more damage than healing. As such, be sure you only use very small concentrations of Tea Tree Oil in your application.

Using Mister Ben’s Amazing Ear Cleaning Products For Your Dog’s Ear Infection

1. Original Dog Ear Cleaner Kit

Dog ear infections can be very hard to treat! Most dog ear washes and dog ear cleaners found on vet’s shelves are expensive and ineffective. They are often unable to fight the infection and are not available for use on a long-term basis to help you maintain your dog's ear health. That IS NOT the case with Mister Ben's Ear Tonic and Wash with Aloe for Dogs! The dog ear cleanser fights the 4 root causes of dog infections and dog ear otitis, odors, pain and irritation: bacteria, fungus, yeast, and mites. This is the best way to stop itching, scratching, and head shaking within a few treatments. You will notice almost immediate relief from infections, inflammation, swelling, redness & irritations. It is one of the most effective treatments available. 

2. Original Dog Ear Cleaner Kit PLUS

The PLUS kit comes with all the great stuff from the original ear kit, but it includes additional products to take your care up another level.  You also receive treated Ear Wipes, as well as a FREE eBook on your Dog's Ear Health and a donation is made to LAST CHANCE ANIMAL RESCUE!.  Mister Ben's Ear Care Kit + WIPES for Dogs is one of the most effective treatments for cleaning your dog's ears, treating smelly odors and dog ear infections.

Our Best Ear Care Kit PLUS WIPES are made with quality ingredients that include effective antiseptics and antifungals including: MULLEIN, OREGON GRAPE ROOT, GINGKO, MARSHMALLOW ROOT, TURMERIC AND SPEARMINT EXTRACT!

Each of the products contained with the kit are infused with 100% organic cold pressed aloe.

Our product formulas have been used for decades and shown to offer incredibly FAST results.

Great for long term use! Your dog will have a life without continuous and painful ears problems.

Will A Dog Ear Infection Go Away on Its Own?

Is there a possibility? Yes. Is it likely? Not really. 

In fact, if you leave it untreated, it will most likely just worsen.

Moreover, just because you think it’s a simple ear infection, that doesn’t mean you are correct. Your pup could have a ruptured eardrum or a very severe ear disease. This is why it’s really important you take him to the vet because they have the proper tools and training to discern what’s happening with the most sensitive part of your dog.

Can You Put Peroxide In A Dog's Ear To Help An Ear Infection?

No. Do NOT do this. It’s natural to think that Peroxide would help an infection in your dog, but it won’t. In fact, you could make it worse because it will only further irritate or inflame an already inflamed area. 

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